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CMS Patent Consulting, LLC provides the following services by Carrie M Stroup, who is a USPTO patent agent and a former patent examiner with over 15 years experience in a variety of intellectual property matters: prior art searches, patent drafting, prosecution, patent infringement litigation, trade names, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, and/or licensing of inventions (fields of use, royalty terms and valuation, AUTM contracts). 


Since 2008, she has worked full-time in drafting and/or prosecuting patent applications pertaining to a variety of technological areas, including: medical devices; chemical compounds and compositions; pharmaceuticals; DNA, cells and protein based therapeutics; software, internet and computers; consumer electronics; mechanical devices; cartilage and bone tissue engineering; bio-fuels; and alternative energy devices. She refers freedom-to-operate opinions (FTO's), patent infringement litigation, general licensing contract clauses, and foreign trademarks to other law firms/ patent attorneys registered with the USPTO specializing in these areas.


Her professional work experience also includes: USPTO patent examiner in gene therapy and transgenic animals (1998-2001); law associate for patent infringement of DNA vaccine (2001-2002); technology transfer licensing associate for academia and private businesses (2004-2008); market researcher for patent licensing firm (2006-2008); consultant for mutual funds reviewing generic drug litigation (Paragraph IV) and FDA Orange Book Listings (2008-2010); a member of Myriad Genetic's breast cancer gene search (BRCA2), and testing automation via robotics (1995-1996); internship with the Congressional Research Service (wrote report on Xenotransplantation) (1997); and internship with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for research on the genetic predisposition of disease development (1993).



Bioengineering, M.E., Univ. of UT, 1998

Thesis in cartilage tissue regeneration

Cell Biology, B.S., Univ. of WA, 1994

Internship in diabetes genetic research

Mech/Aerospace Eng., B.S.

Helicopter Design


Legal Courses

The Hatch Waxman Act (Generic Drugs) Course, 2003

Nonprofit Technology Transfer Course, 2002

Knowledge Asset Management Course, 2002

Intellectual Property Management Course, 2002

Basic PCT Course 2003

Advanced PCT Course 2007

PCT Course 2022

SBIR Phase I and II Proposals, 2008

Contracts, Property, 2002


Professional Associations

Patent Agent Member, AIPLA (2007-2023)

Member, Licensing Executive Society (2006-2009, 20012-13)

Member, American Chemical Society (2012-present)

USPTO Patent Agent (Awarded 2002)


Average Basic Fees: (does not include USPTO filing fee, drawings, or IDS form 8)

$400-800 prior art search

$800-1500 response to utility office action

$500 design office action and patent application (drawings not included*)​

$1000-2500 provisional patent application w/ claims

$3000-7000 utility or PCT patent application

*$20 average fee per drawing- subcontracted/referred 3rd party draftsman

$150 per hour other tasks, e.g.: review license royalty terms; USPTO forms- e.g. IDS


Payment Methods:

3rd party platform's escrow; or direct online invoicing.

Two milestones for patents: draft with questions and comments; and final version with USPTO filing.

Applicant provides own patent drawings or is referred to a 3rd party draftsman.

Applicant provides own sequence listings in compliance with USPTO/WIPO rules.

All patent work requires execution of a non-disclosure agreement and contract.

Clients are responsible for tracking and paying their patent Maintenance Fees.

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